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How to pause keybindings - shortcuts while entering serials

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Hi Bandlab friends,

Recently I had to reinstall several vsti and everytime I had to enter their serials those keys used were directed and worked as a keybinding or shortcut for several GUI functions and I could not enter the serials numbers and letters correctly.

I had to copy all serials to a wordpad than pasted to the vsti serial field input!

It never happened before when used in Sonar.

Is there anyway to deactivate those functions while entering serials numbers and letters? Thank you

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On 7/3/2019 at 1:57 PM, scook said:

Try clicking the keystrokes button in the upper right in the plug-in header (J in the image below) to send all keystrokes to the plug-in..


Thank you very much Scook!

Sorry for my delayed answer to this topic! I forgot it!

Best regards

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