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BR: PRV Track M/S Button Bug?


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When both MIDI and Synth tracks are displayed in PRV, invoking Mute or Solo acts oddly or completely different that Track View behavior.

Actual: Activating a MIDI track M or S button does not activate the corresponding Synth's button until the mouse hovers over it. Then it's activated without actually clicking it.

Expected: Activating it should activate the other, as it does in Track View.

EDIT: This may only be a graphical issue.

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... which links to another issue 


The PRV has an issue following the TV/CV graphically.

The other issues come up when multiple MIDI tracks drive one synth.

So Simple Instrument (combined MIDI/Synth) tracks may behave differently from separate MIDI/Synth tracks.

Tho confusing at first, they seem to be operating as designed for discernable reasons.

The exception would be Muting a Synth in TV, which doesn't Mute it's Synth Rack equivalent.


But it might be a 'mute' point by now.  9_9 :D

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