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Asper – A New FREE Experimental Synth For Windows Users

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Asper, an new experimental synth combining wavetable, subtractive, phase distortion and physical modeling for sound generation is available as a FREE download.

Idea was to add humanization to the sound on oscillator level in order to simulate behavior of real world instrument where each hit is different. It is not trying to simulate sound behavior like in analog synth, but rather to simulate Round Robin.

Instead of complex modulation I decided to split wavelet OSC to two layers that each has it’s own control. This way is you can easily control (for example) attack per velocity without assigning any modulation source. You can detune each layer, enable comb filter, enable pitch envelope or phase distortion to each layer individually. All blending control have individual shape setting for each layer or even inverse mode in order to have different amount or phase while using same MIDI CC or velocity.

Features include:

One wave table oscillator

118 wave tables that can be combined in multiple ways

Comb filter for both wave table layers

Advanced amplitude adjustment with break point control for better control

Phase distortion for each wave table layer with 5 different shapes and it’s own detune

Mod section for Phase distortion with sync option

One noise sub synth

Round Robin simulation on oscillator level for both wave table and noise OSC

Set blending mode based on velocity or control with assignable MIDI CC

Ability to control shape for morphing, filter, FM amount starting from Exponential to Logarithmic

Filter with parallel or serial mode

Mod section for filter

Shaper, two modes


Portamento for mono with adjustable velocity level for triggering

Vibrato module

Interactive GUI with mouse over for each element that can be changed or adjusted

-lEach control that have assignable MIDI CC have additional display for assigned controller

All envelope controls have additional 6 quick sub presets to choose from

Ensemble module for for unison or even reverb like simulation

Simple soft clipper to prevent clipping that can be disabled

Randomization for almost each subsection

Simple preset manager

One page with adjustable GUI scale, 80 up to 150%

Asper is available to PC users (VST2 and VST3).

For more information on Asper, click here: 



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LOL: I looked it up and at the bottom where KVR has "Products similar to Asper . . . " the first item listed in MODO DRUM.  😜  Really????

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10 hours ago, satyabrata satapathy said:

he creates with flowstone so no mac


You're so kind to clarify, 🤗🤗🤗

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