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Boston Flowers [version 2021.12]::.


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On 3/12/2019 at 9:48 AM, CosmicDolphin said:

Nice Theme..finally one I can live with !

I wish Bandlab would bring back the fake 3d 'depth' of the old Pre X series Sonar..they make everything too flat looking, took me a while to figure out why I preferred the older GUI

Thanks a lot CosmicDolphin, but bad news for you... I'M ABOUT TO CHANGE IT A LOT!!! heheh, So save your copy of Boston Flowers 1.1::.

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  • MarianoGF changed the title to Boston Flowers Theme 1.2 [3-29-2019 update]::.
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On 5/16/2019 at 7:18 AM, martins said:

(can you also share the color pls)

If you refer to the ".clr" file, I didn't make any changes there. So if  you simply select the "Normal" preset in the color menu, you will have the theme exactly as it showed in the sample picture. Otherwise, I don't understand what do you mean, please be more explicit 👍::.

Edited by Mariano Germán Flores
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22 minutes ago, martins said:

(im talking about the tracks colors)

I left the track colors intentionally gray, so as each user chooses a color from the palette for every track. Because I honestly don't understand why the program comes with default track colors which are so different from those available in the palette, and at the same time the default ones don't colorize the strips. Being gray, they are "coherent" with the unmodified strip color.

But you can customize this into the "Colors" submenu in "Edit - Preferences"::.

Edited by Mariano Germán Flores
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If I were not me, I'd write this post to say that the new version 1.32 is beautiful, but since I am the editor,  this is just a message to put this thread back in your unread list.

BTW, It's actually beautiful👌::.

Edited by MarianoGF
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  • MarianoGF changed the title to Boston Flowers [theme ready for CbB 2021.11]::.

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