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Cakewalk Not Detecting MADI Tracks

Ed Driscoll

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Hi there,

(I posted this to support, but I thought a member might be able to help me as well.)

When I set up my new computer late last month, I installed my RME Fireface UFX+ audio interface via USB 2.0, which gave me a limited number of tracks. I recently switched it over to USB 3.2. My Fireface GUI can now see the tracks that are coming in via my RME Octamic XTC MADI interface, and I can hear them as well, but these tracks aren't visible within Cakewalk. (They were previously, when I was connecting the audio interface via Thunderbolt on my previous computer)

Is there a way to get Cakewalk to search the audio interface options again without having reinstall Cakewalk from scratch, much like it does a VST scan, or some other approach to resolve this?



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