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Mophoder help

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Hi, I'm trying to  get this vocoder to work.  I set the output of my audio track to the instrument track where the vocoder is set as an effect. I have the input set as side chain in the vocoder, however when I play anything on my keyboard, nothing happens. The vocoder isn't responding to my keyboard so the audio track doesn't get triggered. How do I fix this? I was following this tutorial but I noticed the SC button at the top is missing in my version, I've copied the time stamp https://youtu.be/lFM7utP2yR8?t=98

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I do not have the plug-in but every vocoder plug-in I have whether it scans as an FX or synth gets setup the same in CbB.

  • Place the plug-in in the audio FX rack of the track to be modified
  • Verify "Enable MIDI Input" is selected in the VST2/3 drop down above the plug-in UI. In the case of Waves, this should be the VST3 format plug-in.
  • Add a MIDI track with its output set to the vocoder plug-in, its input set to your controller and input echo enabled (this may be disabled when MIDI data is in the track).

BTW, to embed youtube videos 

  • In youtube, click share 
  • click Copy in the share dialog
  • paste into your post

And for imgur, 

  • click on the image in your account, this opens the view/edit dialog
  • click Copy next to the string for BBCode and
  • paste into your post



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