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The Little Things That Make Us Temporarily Happy

Tim Smith

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On 5/29/2022 at 1:00 PM, Wibbles said:

Batter me up

Don't know how this ties in. Maybe it doesn't.

I spent over an hour last night looking at how to make fried chicken videos. I don't think it was a total waste. I even learned how to make buttermilk biscuits. I am going to cook like my Nanny. Southern fried chicken in the frying pan. A few important tips. Use an oil with a higher flash point that doesn't have flavor transfer (so you can reuse the oil) Peanut oil has a high flash point. Canola oil is a healthy alternative. Chicken should be at room temperature and a thermometer should be used to keep the oil at 350F. Cooler chicken will lower the oil temp.

Me- Dude has an account at Groove 3 to learn software. Spends an hour watching fried chicken videos.


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Ain't got no house in Westchester

No fresh ground cold brew

No high plate of becan

Ain't got Nothing but the blues

No fresh strings to wind

Play Am at 425

Covid vaccine made me pregnant

Cant see outa my good eye

My shoes are split

My blue tubes crackle

My stop lights don't matter

Can't afford gas. 

And I'm a terrible poet.

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This is a small FYI for anyone who thinks fried chicken is one of life's small pleasures. I made some the other night and it was wonderful.

I'll keep it brief

- I used peanut oil, high flash point, no flavor transfer to oil, may use canola oil or shortening instead, 4 eggs hand beaten to dip the chicken in, a flour mix called Kentucky Kernel (can be found at WalMart). You can make your own mix using flour, onion powder, garlic powder pepper and other spices. Lots of info online. I wanted something that tasted like southern fried chicken, this did.

- chicken must be room temperature and patted dry. Oil doesn't like water when hot. 

-Use a high temp thermometer. Oil must be at 325-350F. Peanut oil flash point 400F. Cooking room temperature chicken in smaller quantities helps to maintain a more even oil temp

- I used a cast iron skillet with 1" of oil in it, alternately can cook outside using a propane burner which keeps the kitchen clean. Be careful! This is HOT oil.

-Chicken must be turned fairly frequently or it can burn. 15 or 20 minutes should be about right if oil is at right temp.

-My wife doesn't like chicken on the bone so this first fry was boneless skinless chicken breast cut into smaller pieces.

-Dip chicken in egg mixture first, then into flour mixture, then into fry pan, may use tongs or wear cooking gloves.



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Long day here. Cooking New York Strip steak out back.

I am temporarily without my Blackstone, so I didn't cook the onions and mushrooms. Maybe later.

On the menu- steak well done but soft, baked potato with butter and sour cream,salad with fresh locally grown strawberries,victory pils  pilsner.

Finished off with lapsang souchong tea and honey 






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