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Anyone here doing Minnie Pearl?


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3 hours ago, Starship Krupa said:

I've had a couple of Southern girlfriends. I'd've boinked that tag right off her hat. Howwww-dee!

I was thinkin' the same thing but didn't have the fried grits to say it. I would have plowed that field in to the middle of next harvest. Whew.

I have to go for an old guy shot in the thigh every two weeks. The nurse is a little southern bell. 'bout 5 foot 4. My age. Crystal clear bluest eyes I ever saw. Absolutely perfect and that southern draw. Every time she rams that needle in my thigh . . . uh, well. You get the picture. 

She takes her time now when I go in. Says she feels bad hurting me and goes really slow. I've told her I've lost feeling in my legs from the accident I was in and she could just ram and go but she never listens. Takes her about 5 ~ 6 minutes. I think she likes messing with me. Or feels sorry for me. Probably the latter.

🎵Makes me want to grab my guitar and play with it all night long . . . 🎵 (Ray Parker Jr.)

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