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CBB uninstall process (apparently) not removing registry entries.

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This is not an issue with uninstalling CbB.

The OP in the link above discusses the 64bit registry entry for VST plug-ins.

This entry is not created by CbB installers, however; users are given the opportunity to specify where to install VST2 plug-ins during the initial install of CbB.

This preference is stored in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VST, a path read by many programs and installers.

It would be very unusual for uninstallers to undo or remove shared registry entries.

Moreover, unlike VST3, there is no standard for VST2 install paths.

Not all manufacturers use the VST registry entry as the default install path.

Regardless of this setting, it is common to provide a way to specify where to install VST2 plug-ins.


That said, the subject of this thread is correct CbB does not remove registry entries or files users may modify using a simple uninstall process just like most Windows uninstall processes. 

Support has published a clean install procedure which does detail how to completely remove CbB including registry entries and support files, but it is silent on the VST install path because

  • this is shared by other programs and installers and
  • is set based on user preferences.


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Posted (edited)

I Agree, but it should be noted that if the VSTPath is not set when cakewalk is installed, it IS set to the path specified for the cakewalk vsts during install, as such if cakewalk is the first DAW you install, it is the way that that path is set, and will default to within the cakewalk installation path, eg "C:\Cakewalk\Shared VSTs"


All that said, maybe the uninstaller should remove that key if it detects that it's still set to somewhere within the cakewake install

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