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I own a Toshiba i5 7800K laptop with 16GB ram - a standard machine for all-purpose usage. About two weeks ago I installed SPlat and CbB last. Everything worked great during that short run on things.

The next day: 

I grabbed my external to get a project I'm recently working on and threw in the project folder, unplugged the hard drive, and took it back to its original place. I then returned and worked less than 30mins, and BANG! it crashed. At this point, I thought it was probably driver's issues and got up again to get my secondary Focursrite 2nd-Gen, but to no avail. It kept crashing every time. 

Four days later and it was just annoying to get these crash issues, but looked past it. Then I thought of something I don't have on the main system - "SPLAT." I decided to uninstall SPLAT and what do you know -- no more crash problems to this day on this little thing.

This got me thinking - can SPLAT be the cause of all these crash reports? I never have any crash issues on the studio system (with no splat.) So why did I get it on the laptop with both on | and | once it was uninstalled the issue magically disappeared?  

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