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Jim Fogle

Browser "Notes" Font Size

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Forum member @CosmicDolphin and I have been conversing about an idea he originally suggested in this thread January 03, 2019: 

CosmicDolphin's idea is for users to have the capability to select the size of the character font used in the browser "Notes" tab window.  Presently the browser "Notes" tab window character font is one size while the window is in focus and a smaller size when the window is out-of-focus.  The out-of-focus character font size can be too small to read on large or high definition screens.  Allowing the user to select character font size would enable the user to choose a font size that fits their unique needs.

I would like to see a font size button added to the "Notes" window.  Clicking on the font size button opens a drop down menu.  A suggested location for the font size button would be next to the existing "File Stats" button.  The screen shots below demonstrate what I'm saying.





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