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BR: Lasso-selecting Notes In Linked Clips Is Broken?


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Linked clips with both tracks selected in the PRV Track list.

1. Notes disappear when lasso-selected note(s) to the left of them are edited or moved, even if moved farther to the left of the disappearing notes.
    This sounds like Preferences > Editing > Drag and Drop > Replace Old with New-Delete Whole Measures is checked. But it's not!

2. Notes are duplicated when Velocity controllers for lasso-selected note(s) are adjusted in the Controller Pane.
    #1 also occurs.
    Sometimes it copies the note once for each controller adjustment.
    Sometimes it copies the note & moves it to the left of the original note. Undo does not work here.
    Sometimes split notes can't be separated.

Linked clips can make editing content easier over multiple tracks, but is more difficult in the current state. Sonar has similar behaviors.

My workaround is to 1. avoid selecting both tracks in the PRV, or 2. avoid using linked clips.

Selecting both linked tracks in the Track list allows you to see them in the main window.

Edited for clarity

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I am seeing similar to #1 above.  Not using linked clips, but sporadically when lasso-selecting notes and moving them using Numpad-4 or Numpad-6 , not all of the noes are moved.  Always, if I ESC  before completing the move, and try again, it's fine.

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I've done a ton of MIDI editing in the last week, including dragging/nudging large selections of notes and editing velocities, and have not seen any unexpected behavior. But all clips were independent.

I just did some quick testing with linked clips and could not reproduce any error. Seems something is missing from the recipe or it's project specific or possibly dependent on some particular setting like having Non-Destructive MIDI Editing enabled (I generally don't). I also use the  Blend Old and New setting for Drag and Drop.

I would also suggest restarting Cakewalk and/or rebooting as it sounds like something might have become corrupted in RAM.  But if you reproduced the issue with SONAR, maybe not. To me that also suggests it might be project-specific. If this dated back to SONAR and was a common problem, I would expect to have seem more reports of it,


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With tracks for both linked clips selected in the PRV I was able to get some bad behavior, though different from what you described. I did not see problem with editing velocities or disappearing notes. What I saw mostly was:

1. Both individual notes and lasso-selected groups would snap back to their original pitch and/or time and become unselected when released.

2. Sometimes the group would move, but a subset of the group would become unselected on release.

3. Notes were sometime copied when simply dragged with no modifier.

The behaviors were very unpredictable, sometimes working or failing alternately with several moves of the same selection.

I suspect this might be related to an issue I reported recently that notes on a track that is selected for display in the PRV, but not focused for editing, can be edited even when Autofocus is disabled, contrary to the Ref. Guide and what I would expect.

When clips are linked, I think there's a conflict about which clip is following the edit of the other when you make a selection that includes events from both tracks. When I put the clips in separate time ranges where I could avoid selecting events from both when lassoing, I did not see problems.

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It's consistent for me. However, Sonar exhibited slightly different yet consistent results.

The issue here is lasso-selecting linked notes from tracks that are both selected in PRV Track list. There's no issue when only one is selected.

I realize it's not necessary for both tracks to be selected in the Track list but this is the only way to display both tracks in the main window.

Documentation doesn't say anything about it, so if the results are saying "you can't do this" there should be a disclaimer somewhere.

Otherwise I would think it's a bug.

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