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Original Rock Song, "Star Gazer"

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I listened to the the alternative version that you posted and was most impressed.  The vocal is a wee bit weak on my less than adequate headphones but that was the only thing that I could think of as a suggestion.  The mix I heard sounds great and the performance, instrumentation, lyrics, vocals all sound great to me.  Well done!!!

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On 3/22/2022 at 10:36 AM, David Sprouse said:

vox was a little buried on my headphones

A little?

So Peter, here's the problem with your vocals.
A) When you've done covers, in general, you're holding yourself to an impossible standard.
B) You bury your vocals in your original tunes, where they work just fine!
C) (and I know I'm repeating my self here) Push the vocal fader UP!

This is a good tune, but I'll hold the 👍 and "like" for the final, final mix.



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