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FR: Add "Retry" Button to MIDI Device Failure Dialog Box

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Once in a while when I boot Cakewalk I forget I had other music software running (MIDI-OX, a standalone product, etc.) that uses a MIDI device (usb keyboard, etc.) I use automatically with Cakewalk. As almost everyone who has done this knows, this causes the poorly worded and misleading Microsoft generated "Not enough memory available" message.

It is easy enough (1a) to closed down the other program(s) or (1b) to change the MIDI devices used in the other program(s), etc. and then (2a) to shut-down/reboot Cakewalk or (2b) to go into [P]references to re-enable the MIDI device(s), etc.

However, it would be handy (that is, less intrusive to workflows) to have a "Retry" button after doing (1a) or (1b) so users don't have to do (2a) or (2b).

Not a bug, not critical, but I suspect some users might be less frustrated by the misleading "not enough memory" message--especially if there were also a message (or an info button) that said something like "Check to see if other software is using the failed MIDI Device.  If so,  [steps to take]").

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added "I use automatically with Cakewalk" in the interest of clarity

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