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Audio recording really weird

John Manley


Hi, I've got to grips now with midi after playing around with Cakewalk for a few days and recorded a demo track to test and play with. 

I was really surprised this evening when I decided to try out an audio recording. I recorded my voice over the midi tracks I recorded earlier and while I'm recording, everything  looks fine. As soon as I stop the recording the audio clip shrinks to half it's size and when I play it, it's double speed (more or less) and horribly distorted. 

Can anyone explain what's happening as I can't do any 'proper'work with CW until I get this sorted.

Many thanks!


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As scook says, this sounds like a sample rate problem.

The most common cause for this is when Windows is set to use the same audio device as you're using in CbB, and they're set to different sample rates.

I find that restarting the audio engine within CbB normally fixes this:


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