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Jacques Boileau

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61 preset for AZ Controller

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I tried integrating my Oxygen Pro 61 controller to Cakewalk using the control surface plugins provided with Cakewalk with some success. But it seemed there were always somethings missing in all of them. I could never do exactly what I wanted. None provided me with a complete solution. Then I heard about the AZ Controller control surface plugin. This plugin was created by Alexey Zhelezov ( @azslow3) and is available on his website here. It is a bit complex, but that comes from its great flexibility at integrating all functions of a controller to Cakewalk. I watched this video from Alexey and I was ready to go create my own mapping for the Oxygen Pro. Really excellent work by Alexey in creating this plugin!

I certainly do not understand everything AZ Controller can do, but I learned enough to do all I needed to integrate my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Controller to Cakewalk. And it works great!!! I needed to create a user daw in the Oxygen Pro using the preset editor because the knobs didn't register in AZ Controller, but then I had access to everything and could map everything exactly as I wanted it to be.

You can find the needed files on the azslow website. My preset is currently in the discussions board, but my understanding is that it will be moved to the presets board at some point.

Here are the features of my AZ controller preset:

  • Faders control track or bus faders depending on WAI focus
  • Knobs control pan and work very well with the knob center being the center of the pan in Cakewalk (nice!)
  • Rec, Mute and Solo buttons work as expected for tracks and busses
  • Select button: I have mapped it to input echo for tracks and it toggles waveform preview for busses by default
  • Bank buttons moves the WAI 8 tracks or busses focus by -8 or +8 
  • Encoder knob moves the WAI 8 tracks or busses focus by -1 or +1 (nice!)
  • Back button is mapped to undo (quicker than the shift-Undo pad, but that works too)
  • Fader 9 controls both left and right of the first output strip (not the master, just the output for overall volume without affecting the mix)
  • The two buttons on the right of the pads control the WAI focus. The top one puts the focus on the tracks and the bottom one on the busses
  • The buttons v and ^ (shift-<< and shift->>) also changes the focus to tracks and busses (until I find better use for them!)
  • Stop, play, record, <<, >> and loop buttons work as expected
  • Shift Pad 15 (view) didn't do anything, so I mapped it to show/hide the Inspector (that is done in the Oxygen Pro controller's preset)

I haven't done a mix yet using it so things may change as I use it. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Edit: It has now been moved to the Presets sub forum and can be found her: M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61 Preset

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