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willard cottrell

East West problem w/ playback of controller events

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Hollywood Strings is not allowing the midi controller events to sound on playback.  I was given the following advice from their suppor team. 

"Ok, then it's likely an operational issue of some kind in Cakewalk itself.

Check to make sure it isn't the MIDI data "zeroing out" by looking at the following below -

"The Hollywood series especially requires midi CC data for playback. Not sure why cakewalk/sonar does this but their default setting is to have controller information zero on playback. You can turn this off by going to Project >> MIDI >> Preferences and turning off "Zero controllers when play stops" and "Patch/Controller Searchback Before Play Starts" (that later option changed terms at some point in Sonar - I believe in Platinum - to now be "MIDI Event Chase on Play"

That information in not in my "project" dropdown.  Is it located somewhere else?

Ancillary to that - I can get the info to respond by moving the slider -BUT, not the mod wheel.  However the slider is not as sensitive as the mod wheel, so the results are unsatisfactory.


Any suggestions are appreciated.





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