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Is the archive button obsolete?


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Yes, archive is useful.

Archive is more about saving CPU cycles than reducing the project memory footprint.

In fact, archiving a softsynth does not remove the synth from memory. Disconnecting the synth unloads the synth from memory.

Connect/Disconnect toggle is in the synth rack menu (D in the image below) when docked with the browsers. When undocked or in the multidock, use the power button next to each synth.


For more info see http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Browser.11.html

36 minutes ago, jeffythedragonslayer said:

In the days of virtual memory and pagefiles

Time sensitive programs like DAWs don't run very well if they are forced to use virtual memory.


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It's very useful in Cakewalk if you record audio.

Cakewalk's playback engine streams every audio file in a project, even if it's in a track, lane, or clip that is muted.

So if you have a project with multiple audio takes you wish to save for later comping or alternate versions, the only way to keep those as part of the project is to move the clips they are in to tracks that you then Archive.

Less to do with freeing up memory; it can sure cut down on the amount of disk i/o that Cakewalk must perform. Especially if the talent being recorded is take-happy. I recorded a friend of mine who did over 20 takes on drums, which since I mic my kit with 4 microphones meant that every time I hit Play, I was rolling 76 audio files I didn't need to be rolling.

This is why I (and others) have requested that the Archive function be made applicable to Lanes as well as Tracks. That would preserve the convenience of keeping multiple takes available for comping and allow the playback engine to breathe easier.

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