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Uninstalling Melodyne run time

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EDIT: So I finally was able to install editor 4.2 update over the other and now all is well. Have not tried to unstall again. But I cannot activate it but I have reached out to Celomony


I cannot do this. I get a user acccount control error saying an administartor has stopped me from running the installer....although I am UNINSTALLING?

Win 10.....UAC is off and always has been. I am the admin. Wish I could post the error dialog box.  Here is the dialog box info. I have tried right clicking and get the repair or remove. I choose remove. Nope. I choose repair nope. all back to the same error. Guess I should try safe mode but I do not get this at all. I wanted to do a clean install of my Melodyne 4.2 editor.

These are the words in the red title bar of the box
User account control
This app has been blocked for your protection. 

Then in the bottom of the dialog box it says:

An Administrator has blocked you from running this app.

For more info contact the administrator (I am the fricken admin )

Publisher unknown
File origin: hard drive on this computer
Program location: update 1.02
Celemony Software GmbH
English (United States)



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On 5/22/2019 at 9:16 AM, Pathfinder said:



Here is the solution friends. This is for windows 10. 

First point, you are not the real admin of the windows 10. There is a hidden admin.

Type command in the search box and as command prompt comes in the list, right click and Run as Administrator. 

Now type this command to enable hidden admin.

net user administrator /active:yes

There are spaces after net, user, administrator, and no space after /

Now when you type this command and press enter, you get message like Administrator activated successfully. 

Click on windows icon and click on your account picture to sign out. You will see a picture less administrator account. Login to that and uninstall Melodyne runtime in the uninstall app feature.

Now go back to your normal account and disable this hidden admin. 

net user administrator /active:no

A thanks will be appreciated. 😜

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I apoligize but I do not remember how I solved this. I am pretty sure it was Celemony support.  I also believe Nitish's post will work also. I believe this is about what support told me also. It is great advice and worth copy\paste and save.

I will try to retrace exactly what I did if it would help. I'll look thru my emails because I did receive great support from Celemony on this.

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  1. Right Click Windows Menu (or Lower Left Corner of Primary Monitor)
  2. Open Command Prompt (Admin)
  3. Command:  cd C:\Windows\Installer
  4. Run the installer in the error box when you try to uninstall it from Add-Remove Programs - It gives you the full path to it - write it down on paper if you have to.
    1. The installer will start, and you will be able to uninstall the Melodyne Runtime
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