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Synths, Keys, and Strings - Livestream Replay, Giveaway and Specials

Simeon Amburgey

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Today's livestream was wall to wall.
I hope you enjoy taking another adventure with me, exploring some really wonderful instruments.

Steinberg's instrument of the month is SIMPLE 1.5 for HALion
Rhodes Affair 3 from Audiolounge is on intro special. You can also use code SIMEON15 for an 15% off the individual instruments and the bundle which are at their introductory pricing which expires January 31.
Bowed Metals is on intro special.
Concilium from Cinematic Alpha is also on special. Be sure to check the link in the description and pinned comment for a chance to win a copy of Concilium.

Thanks as always for the kind support, it really means a lot, especially from my Cakewalk family ;^)


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