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Dear All,

First of all, here is my setup:

  • OS: Windows 10 (21H2 OS build: 19044.1415)
  • DAW: Cakewalk version 2021.12 (build102, 64bit)
  • SINE Player version 1.0.8 ( with Layers library)
  • MIDI keyboard: Arturia Analog Factory Experience

I have noticed that when playing some melody/chords on my MIDI keyboard through the SINE player, no sound is audible. But, when I open the SINE player I can see that the piano key I press down, is also pressed down in the SINE player.
Besides, when investigating the MIDI note properties, after recording, I noticed that the MIDI channel of these notes is 2.

I did the same with other instruments (Spitfire LABS, BBC SO, NeoPiano, etc.), but these produced the melody/chords I played on the MIDI keyboard. Moreover, and this is strange, the MIDI channel in the MIDI note properties of these notes is 1. It did not matter what MIDI input channel I choose. Mostly, I use the OMNI channel of my MIDI KB.

In case of the SINE player, only when the MIDI input channel is set to OMNI channel or channel 2, MIDI notes are recorded (written) in the track lane. But as mentioned before, NO SOUND. Unless, I manually change the MIDI note property MIDI channel from 2 to 1 for these notes.

Could someone help me with this, please? I really cannot figure out how to get SINE player to work through MIDI channel 1.



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With the Sine Player, I have noticed that when one adds more than one articulation (sound) to the Sine Player, it increments the MIDI channel number for each additional instrument by +1. Sine is mult-timbral, so it needs to assign a distinct MIDI ch internally to each sound.

So MIDI ch 1, 2, 3, etc... Sine will only play the sound that corresponds to the MIDI channel that the controller is sending for live play. You can adjust them as needed.

Spitfire, etc. is mono-timbral. One sound per plugin instance. So you have to insert a new instance of the Spitfire Player for each track, and then assign the MIDI ch numbers as needed for each track in the DAW.


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@abacab Indeed, that is what I sorted out last night.

The thing is that in SINE player you can select through which MIDI Channel the output will be send to the DAW (Cakewalk, that is). But, to produce the sound and make sure the MIDI notes are written correctly, the MIDI input channel should be the same.

In SINE player you can give the instance(s) that you load/activate a separate MIDI output channel. When you have the list of instances you have loaded, click on the left side of the list on the number next to the instance (in this case "01 Full Orchestra".) A new dropdown list will appear, and from there you can choose the channel you wish. 

The only STRANGE thing is this: I can only use the "OMNI" channel or channel "2". This is workable and will not hinder me.





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