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How to combine projects


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The way I have done forever, probably outdated now...go to Preferences>File>Advanced and un-click "allow only one project at a time".  Open both projects and copy the tracks you'd like into the target file.  I have 2 monitors so I'd stretch CbB to fill both and have each file on it's own monitor just to keep things straight.  I have always had heavy virtual instruments with tons of ram, so just to make this easier I would open the files in "safe" mode.

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Apply all effects, bounce to tracks, apply trimming, etc. so the tracks are all audio with the effects burned in.
Drag those effected tracks into your new project.
Close the first project without saving.
For the *****-retentive among us (raises hand) make a copy of the project before doing all of that.

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Try this:

Open both projects in CbB. Switch to the source project.

On your source project, select all of the tracks you want to copy to the new project, right click one of their track headers and save this as a Track Template. (Use a temporary name if you like, you can delete this template later)

Switch to your new project. Right click anywhere in a blank spot of the track pane and choose  Insert Track Template, and it'll recreate all of your tracks and busses with all effects intact.

Switch back to your source project and select the tracks again, copy them. Switch to your new project, and paste that into the identical tracks.

That should get you where you want to be! Full info about Track Templates is here:


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