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NI Komplete Upgrade - Voucher - good or ?

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11 hours ago, ZincT said:

That's a good deal @TracingArcs

I received a similar email from NI with a voucher code to upgrade from K13U to K13U CE but I'm not sure it's worth it (£179) just to get the full version of the Symphony Series, Cremona Quartet, and ARKHIS (plus the useless £22 voucher and all expansions which I hardly ever use).

Looks like I have until 31st December to decide but I think I will hang on for the K14U update next year. 


I decided against upgrading 13U to UCE.  I already have BBCSO and HOOPUS, so only the Cremona "trio" (Strad Violin is in 13U) was of interest.  Figure I will wait for 14U in... Summer of 23?  Great deal for 13 Standard to 13U though. Here is the comparison page

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