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  1. I liked the sound of this. But found when I ordered it through APD. I was redirected to Simple Samples website and had to go through a sign up before you could get it. And I have enough "info mail" badgering me from previous places that I backed off from it.
  2. I was able to log in with my KH details. And all my data was there. But could not find a log out.
  3. I believe it's the same guy who ran Kontakt Hub. As I used to get emails from Loot with monthly deals through KH with comments from him. Could be a reboot as the old site was looking tired. And there have been no deals for a couple of weeks. I hope they inform their KH customers and transfer data.
  4. There's a new Klang up at Cinematique Instruments - Black Wood Flow. For full Kontakt https://klang.cologne/klang_free.php
  5. EvilDragon has confirmed on the NI forum that there is an issue with the V1 of Analog Dreams. So hopefully this will be addressed.
  6. Yeah. I'd been a bit underwhelmed with them before. But I think these updates will open them up.
  7. A big update on the Play Series for Kontakt. Additions for Ethereal Earth/Analog Dreams/Hybrid keys. Four new pages for tweaking sounds, sequencing, effects, and macro controls. And 100 new presets. Run Native Access to update. 😄
  8. The Ton looks good. For some reason I missed it last year and it had British Drama Toolkit (something I've wanted for ages), EDNA Earth, and a piano. I've been kicking myself since.
  9. And mine too. I have all of them and find them popping up in all my work. Someday I'll have to buy something off Spitfire to justify all their freebies !
  10. Spitfire's LABS has a new freebie https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/textural-pads?fbclid=IwAR2ekoTcT3NaeSg4zhSnEhmJj87fS_YUx-kKoBv4WBGFEwYxvQ-hGCzsGgM Textural Pads. 😍
  11. I like the idea of being able to use BBCSO Discover in this way with Articulation maps. Will make things a whole lot easier.
  12. Installed a couple of week ago and did the update (KB4571744) that was supposed to fix lots of issues such as the continual defrag of SSD. It has improved performance for me. Including the ability to open Soundforge from a desktop icon that on 1909 would not do so unless run as admin.
  13. PB have started selling Have Instruments Kontakt Libraries. There are 3x free Kontakt instruments available by logging into your PB account. Cello Textures Acoustic / Electronic/ Dystopian. Needs the full version of Kontakt. Sound interesting. https://www.pluginboutique.com/manufacturers/280-Have-Instruments
  14. https://cinematique-instruments.com/pages_instr/page_klang.php 5 new Klang Instruments FREE (Kontakt Full required). Keeping up the standards. Sound interesting.
  15. I have K12. So will wait till next summer (whimper, drool) as I usually do and get the update on a drive for £79. That's a lot for less than the price of Super 8.
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