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  1. IK Multimedia. Musicians First https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?item_id=10632 says it all really. Pot luck.......
  2. Free LABS — Percussion https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/percussion New LABS out. needs the Spifire LABS player.
  3. Thanks Tezza. I was using the last driver. I think I was just lucky as many can no longer use the device on W10. I'm going to go for the Presonus 26c which is £145 here as it has much improved specs than the 24c. And the 24c has an achilles heel in a low headphone output.
  4. Thanks JonD. The system has had all the tweaks necessary. Installed LatencyMon. And tit says the system is fine for audio. There's no onboard wifi etc. The drivers were never passed for W10, but were originally for XP/7/8. My old system was on the first i3 540 and Gigabyte H55M mobo from 2010. So I think it's just falling over now. And looking on forums etc many others are finding the Fast Track Pro is no longer working on W10. So I think it's time to upgrade.
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    Thanks Bjorn. Love "The Pearl" along with all the other EG records ambient releases. Was sad to hear that Budd had passed away.
  6. TracingArcs


    Annnnd relaxxxxxx. Thanks emeraldsoul
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    Thank you jack.c 👍
  8. TracingArcs


    https://soundcloud.com/bemused-2/fragments Illustrating some of the new pianos on Pianobook - Claustrophobic Piano and Midnight Upright. And Echoes Guitar also from Pianobook. Plus atmos from the LABS instrument Tundra Atmos. Dedicated to the musician Harold Budd who passed, from Covid 19 complications late last year.
  9. https://www.pluginboutique.com/deals/show?sale_id=7798 There are 17 Rigid Audio Kontakt Instruments (K5 & K6) reduced at PB. Now £3.95/$5 each. InclHypernode which is rarely reduced. Plus all the latest releases. Perfect to complete your collection. For Kontakt Full only.
  10. As rare as Unicorn turds here in the UK unfortunately. I may hang on until stocks get better.
  11. Hi. Having upgraded my mobo to an Asus Prime B460 Plus, CPU and Ram. I'm finding that my old M Audio Fast track Pro is flaky on W10 now though it worked fine before. The drivers are old. And I have narrowed a replacement down to a Presonus Studio 26c, and MOTU M2. The MOTU are not in stock at all and probably not for some time. And would have been my preferred choice. I need the midi ports and a limited budget. Anyone have experience of these two interfaces ? and feedback ?
  12. Probably because K6 has wavetables plus the mod pack Choral, Flair, Phasis are integrated and Replika built in making it more complex
  13. Just bought it. Big thanks to Rigid Audio (seems to be on a roll at the mo')
  14. Perhaps some advice guys? I recently upgraded my MOBO,CPU,RAM (to Asus Prime B460 Plus, i5-10600, 16gb Corsair @2666). And on W10 (20H2). I have a M Audio Fast Track Pro which has given no trouble for 10 years. Now however I have dropouts, sputtering, etc not only in Cakewalk, but in Soundforge, TRacks 5. I have adjusted all settings to see if I could improve things but to no avail. Strangely on screen when audio drops out the meters are still running. It can happen at any point. I therefore think my M Audio has had its day.Its drivers are from 2015 and worked no problem on W10 until the h/ware upgrade (unless you know of some miracle cure). I have a limited budget for an audio interface and need midi ports. I do like to look of the Presonus Studio 24C. Any feedback on this device would be welcome. Thanks TA
  15. https://www.audacityteam.org/download/ Version 3 now available incl new skin
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