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  1. I was self-employed as a picture framer for many years. And a guy walked in one day asking if I could frame some artwork for him . Turned out to be ALL the original album artwork by Storm for Pink Floyd. Had them in my possesion for a week. But in those days technology was simple .So could not take copies. It was terrifying. As the slightest damage would have been disaster.
  2. This is great. However I checked the terms on the new site last night. And British Drama Toolkit was excluded. Great, as I wanted Contemporary Drama Toolkit to go with my BDT. I go to the Spitfire site, place my order for CDT. It's excluded. Checking out the site again. BDT has been changed to CDT. Oh well. However could be a clue to The Ton on BF. As BDT was on it a couple of years ago. Perhaps it CDT time this year ?. For anyone else with the monies. This 50% is a great offer.
  3. Thank you jwnicholson78
  4. Thanks Wookiee. Nothing like a bit of drifting.
  5. TracingArcs


    I can see the Schulze connection. Even a bit of Eno in the piano style part. Nicely done.
  6. Thanks antler. Yes. There's clarinet, and flute. At lower velocities they have a more "textured" sampled tone.
  7. Hi Larry. Firstly, thanks for listening. The samplist performed an arco technique across the strings (which in its self would be scratchy). Then pitched them high and processed them. In addition. As you add notes at the lower end there is a build up of noise. I think if he had NR them. Such artifacts may have gone. But still interesting tones. Many thanks 👍
  8. With the big update to the Pianobook site. And the new samples available. I've written a little piece to illustrate the sample set "Harmonic Flights" by Sage Reynolds. A set of high harmonics from a double bass. Pitch shifted and treated. Plus some British Drama Toolkit from Spitfire Audio. Damn...Autumn is here
  9. You can't use samples derived from S+S synths (copyright). And anything that would have rights ie.dialogue, filmscore, etc. People are banging traffic signs, cutlery, false legs. Sampling their guitars, pianos, cellos, burps etc. It's now possible to alter with outboard and within an application beyond recognition.
  10. FYI There was a major update to the Pianobook site yesterday to V3. Easier navigation, interaction, review system, forum, etc. Pianobook was started by Spitfire founder Christian Henson. It is a site where you can download for free. samplepacks for Kontakt ( full, not player), Decent Sampler, SFZ, EXS24. All instruments are uploaded by members for use without restrictions. There are currently 650 instruments available. Ranging from obviously Pianos (in various tastes from felt, upright, processed), Synths, Orchestral, Ambient, Experimental. And downright odd. It's a huge resource for free. And worthy of your time. Members are encouraged to submit there own samples (I'm going to try and sample a West African Balafon, and Kora I picked up when encountering music out there a very long time ago). https://www.pianobook.co.uk/
  11. Thanks KurtS. And as an ex drummer myself. I have found myself using less drums.......
  12. I can recommend this. Got it at Loot a few weeks ago (for more than this 🙄). So the current deal is a no-brainer. It's easy to start fiddling with and making your own presets. It varies between that Spitfire "on the edge of silence" to more bombastic. Importing your own samples is easy. And opens it up even further. I've used it on "Scandi"- British Drama Toolkit style stuff that it fits very well.
  13. Thanks Tom (I had to look up who that was !). I'm afraid my guitar "influences" are archaic - John Martyn, John McLaughlin, Robert Fripp 🙄
  14. My thanks DeeringAmps. And you don't need Kontakt to take advantge of the free samples at Pianobook, as the free Decent Sampler https://www.decentsamples.com/product/decent-sampler-plugin/ is supported.
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