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  1. Just had the email as well with the code. However I bought it at Loot originally. So can't use it. But maybe someone who doesn't have Sospiro could try it.
  2. Loot Audio have a big 65% off Sospiro Strings by Ben Osterhouse. Plus if you are an existing Ben Osterhouse customer you'll get an email with an additional 5% off. This is a V good deal anyway. And Sospiro is an excellent instrument I can easily recommend if you want to put extra texture into your strings. It has Ens and individual elements. For Kontakt full. https://www.lootaudio.com/category/kontakt-instruments/ben-osterhouse/sospiro-strings-ben-osterhouse-kontakt
  3. This is not a killer issue. But has been happening across various iterations of Cakewalk. I insert a new instrument. Name it after whatever Vsti (eg Kontakt 6.1 - Session Horns Pro - Mellow Horns) hence Vsti/Instrument/patch. And save it. And do the same with any midi clips associated with it. It does not have to be Kontakt. The issue happens with any Vsti. I can reload the project a few days/ weeks/ months later and the naming has reverted to the initial status ie track 5 etc. Sometimes it's just the instrument name or the clip or both have reverted. It happens very randomly. So I can't say when or which ones it will happen to. As I say not a killer but frustrating. Anyone else experience this ?
  4. Sipping my Rum 😋A good new year to all
  5. If you have the great Elements by Stefano. There is a free update to V1.06. For both Kontakt full 6 & 7. This will add an X-Y pad on the GUI for you to play around with the positioning of sounds. And the movement can be recorded into the track. Full details and link in the YT link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISL4RxzDPHc
  6. Very, very kind of you. Thank you so much.
  7. Thanks a lot Larry T. 😁
  8. Xperiments by Dark Sky Audio (Kontakt full 6 & 7) is now available. https://www.darkskyaudio.com/ Massive cinematic sci-fi sounds, huge modular and analog samples, fully fledged multi-mode filter, crazy multi-fx and more. • Easily intensify the sound with dedicated macros and modulation controllers, or dive deeper into Xperiment’s filters and multi-fx. Need to supply email & subscribe Tried it - 99 patches, very analog-y, lots of potential to mangle
  9. Thanks for listening Jeff
  10. Thanks as always Nigel. Have appreciated your support throughout the year 😊
  11. Thanks Dream Art Scientists - appreciated !
  12. Variety of Sound has released a 64bit V2 of Thrillseeker LA (Windows only). His version of the LA2A. This is a cracker for almost any instrument (along with the other 64bit updates). The vst is on the download page. 2/3rds down https://varietyofsound.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/thrillseekerla-released-today/
  13. My final demo track for Pianobook 2022. And the haunting sounds of Eraphine by Venus Theory , in Decent Sampler format are used. In addition from Pianobook : EBow Piano / Choral Harp. From LABS by Spitfire : Arctic Swells / Cello Moods. And Originals - Intimate Strings. I would also like to say a big thank you to all those here who have listened, commented, liked and given me encouragement. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Love this forum.
  14. Thanks very much PC 😁
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