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  1. As always, Thanks very much Nigel.
  2. Glad you like it Mark. Thanks for the feedback 😀
  3. Thanks David. And thank you for listening 👍
  4. Thanks Bjorn. Yes.it's a mix between the LABS version of Micah's Choir. And a vocal from Ethera Soundscapes v1.2. Both were layered, tweaked and run through effects.
  5. Thank you Larry. Always appreciate it.
  6. I don't know if anyone else has similar issues with the software center from Arturia. But if I have more than one update as happened yesterday with AL5 and Augmented strings. It will d/load and install the first ok. But then just sits and does nothing for the second update though it states waiting. The only solution is to log out, close down the app, and restart the app. Then the dowload for the second update is instant. Just frustrating.
  7. Thanks Tom. Always appreciate your support. 👍
  8. Time for new instruments at Pianobook. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/ Volitions by Venus Theory (Decent Sampler format). Plus - English Classic also at Pianobook. LABS - Micah's Choir, BBCSO Discover, Soundpaint, Kairatune vst. And the old Ethera Soundscapes. Venus Theory has 4 free instruments up at PB all in Decent Sampler.
  9. TracingArcs

    Output Movement

    This was amongst a load of freebies from Presonus when I bought my Presonus 26c interface. It's a very versatile multi fx. And recommended.
  10. The "famous" Paul Stretch has been taken on by new people Sonosaurus and updated to PaulXStretch https://sonosaurus.com/paulxstretch/ now at ver 1.5.2, standalone and vst3. It's claim to fame is it can make a 3 minute song into a 14 hour ambient indulgence. One thing to notice is it places a PaulXStrtech folder in the vst3 folder. This contains 2 other folders and the vst3 file. CWB cannot recognise it (though my Studio One 5 and Soundforge do). For CWB to scan it you need to copy the vst3 file out of the PaulXStretch folder and just paste it into the vst3 folder on its own, then delete the old empty folders. Then CWB will see it when you scan. I don't know if this is a quirk of CWB or my system. But up and running. It recognises my Presonus ASIO driver and is in CWB as an effect. You can make transform stuff beyond all recognition.
  11. Foundations Staccato Strings | Cinematic Strings | Heavyocity https://heavyocity.com/product/foundations-staccato-strings/ The next freebie from Heavyocity !!! (and it appears in the libs tab - so serial number via NA)
  12. Thanks very much Tom. Yes, many happy memories that I cherish.
  13. TracingArcs

    The Pleiades

    Nicely done. The pulse coming in at 1.50 helps to pick things up. Spacey indeed.
  14. Thanks Bjorn. There certainly is.
  15. Thanks DeeringAmps. That is kind of you.
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