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  1. I can confirm it works if pressing enter. On both my W7/W10 rigs. I must have been double clicking or something. So thanks.
  2. Seems to open much quicker now on a W7 purpose built machine. And loads vst much quicker too. Have noticed that when trying to rename any sections on the arranger. It reverts back to the original title (section 1,2,3 etc). So not saving the newly titled parts. But not a biggie.
  3. Thanks Nigel. Appreciated
  4. Thanks DeeringAmps. Reverbs and Compressors. Can't get enough of them !
  5. Thanks Guys. Very poetic !
  6. Thanks Joe. The majority of the pianobook samples are Kontakt. Though there are some SFZ (and someone is looking into converting the Kontakt to SFZ). And some are EXS (Logic). I use the free TX16Wx that functions in CWB that will open EXS files in addition to Kontakt. You can still use the Pianobook instruments in the free Kontakt Player with the limitation of 15 mins before having to restart. Something I did for years until I could afford the full version. But you may know all this anyway, apologies if so.
  7. Thanks Bjorn. There is surprisingly little reverb on the piano sample. The sample itself has been recorded very close to the piano itself and so captures a large amount of body and resonanace. Gives it an intimate sound.
  8. Thanks Tom for the compliments. And glad it had the desired effect 😀
  9. Using more freebies from the Pianobook community. Time to wind down in theses stressful times (or at least until I download the new CWB update!)
  10. Thanks Nigel. Food for thought.
  11. Thanks Tom. Your vote still counts. And I appreciate you took the time to listen. Cheers
  12. Thanks Max. Some good stuff at the Pianobook site for free (Kontakt/EXS) if you're not already aware.
  13. Hi DeeringAmps Thanks for listening. It is in fact vinyl noise. I was trying to get an atmosphere of being outside in the early hours. But my field recordings were dreadful and too noisy. And I found by accident that the vinyl seemed to invoke the right feel. All done in Cakewalk. Been a user since Sonar 2, stuck with 8.5 till Bandlab stepped in.
  14. I have used the new Kontakt instruments at Pianobook from Joshua Meltzer called Joshua's Hybrids to rework a track from my latest Bemused release. One of his instruments is called Ode to Lanois. So that started me off. As I admire Daniel Lanois's work with Eno and Michael Brook. The album itself is available for free on Bandcamp. And at Jamendo.
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