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  1. I bought something cheap last wek at PB in order to get UJAM Mellow (thought that was good). Now will have to scour the cheapies in order to get Love now 🙄
  2. I went elsewhere for my guilty pleasures. Now I just feel........dirty. I have agreed to go for counselling.
  3. Thanks John. i was uncertain to be honest (hence why I asked about the original DVD installations). Have edited my response.
  4. 8.5.3 is still on my Music PC on W10 (only because of a number of vst/I and just occasional going back into old stuff.) But projects (back to Sonar 2.0) opens in CWB no problem (well maybe some complaints about missing vst etc). But there is no comparison. CWB is so much better
  5. I got this for £1.80 this week at Pulse Audio !!
  6. I picked this up today at PB for the same price (went to PB because they also give UJAM Mellow 2 as a freebie with it). It has potential. Need to doddle with it more. But like all United stuff. Stable,and interesting UI. As stated lots of presets. And capability of randomising the s**t out of it.
  7. I think UJAMs Mellow is the one for me. Now to look for the cheapest bargain at PB
  8. As stated above power all devices on before you open CWB. I use a Presonus 26c and a Korg Wavestation. You only need the midi out of your Korg connected to the Audiobox (which has no power switch like the 26c) , and the Korg switched on before opening CWB.
  9. Just a word of caution regarding the update to Kontakt 7.6.1 from 7.6.0. On the NI forum many are experiencing high CPU loads and other anomalies. And i have experienced the following. There was an update to the Play series Glaze and Melted Vibes to 2.0.0 plus the Kontakt update. So I updated Kontakt to 7.6.1 and the Play series to 2.0.0 Kontakt then said when I tried to import both of these just to see what was different. Stated my version of kontakt was to old ?????? And unable to use them. The solution is to download from NI a retrograde to 7.6.0 This fixes the cpu issues and strangely enough both the updated Play series open in 7.6.0 The retrograde to K7.6.0 is available here if you need it https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/17691/kontakt-7-6-1-update-causes-cpu-spikes-crashes
  10. I just d/loaded it. And it's good. I did a demo of the original Xperiments which they used to illustratethe instrument, and it is very similar. They went off the radar recently. And now it seems to be a one man operation. For a freebie on Kontakt (not player) it has potential with lots of twiddling available.
  11. I suspect that is what is occurring (subscription). They need to make it clear I think. And for me it proves that subscription (in particular with IKM) would be a no-no.
  12. I'm confused by this pop-up when signing out on V1.0.8 . Sounds ominous. Will I loose my activated products?
  13. Have to say I was disappointed with this. After trying it for a couple of hours it was deleted unfortunately. Much prefer Vital as it is more immediate and graphically useable for a novice.
  14. Updated this weekend and Analog Dreams, Etheral Earth and Hybrid keys will now only open in K7.6 and not K6. NI did not specify it would do this as far as I know. be aware anything using the above Play Series that was conceived in K6 can no longer be opened in K6. And must have K7.6
  15. I tried a number of times today to post in Firefox and was unable . Just logged in now and can. weird!
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