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I was working in the Lab.... now I present: Orange Frappe

Starship Krupa

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It's a tribute to BandLab, one of the most stand-up companies in the music biz. A frappe is a tasty frozen beverage popular in Boston, Cakewalk's city of origin. It's a very bright theme. I use dark themes (switching between Midnight Blue, Racing Green and EVA01) but I like to make themes and this mostly very light one was a fun challenge.

It has the standard SK buttons, nothing that's new if you're familiar with my themes, it's the BandLab colors that set this one apart. As usual, poke about and see if you find any Easter Eggs. The wallpaper is nice, not that we see it that much. As always BE SURE to download and install the color preset, too, as I don't consider my themes complete without them. Download link is in my sig.



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3 hours ago, hotboyondatrakk said:

Is this theme out yet? It looks awesome!!! Is it out yet!!!!


Since nobody commented, I kind of slowed down. It's not quite ready for release, but I have done a lot of work on it.

I'll take a look and see where I am. It's always a matter of hard choices when I restrict myself to only 3 colors like this.

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