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Flash Sale - Up to 70% off Toontrack EZX Claustrophobic


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So, is there really anything "special" about Claustrophobic?

Was really hoping for an SDX today :(

Prefer to not start accumulating EZXs, unless: (1) there is no corresponding SDX;  (2) the EZX comes with MIDI drum files; (3) the price is "right" and (4) there is something "special" about it.

Claustrophobic seems to not have a corresponding SDX and TT website indicates


Included MIDI library

In a previous thread @Matthew Sorrels noted:

Here's my list of those overlaps


So, Claustrophobic: pass or play?




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Went over to the Dark Side (they have cookies), and purchased.

About 1 hour left for the deal.

Watched the video: (1) noted that this particular EZX has an atypically larger mixer than is usually found on "standard" EZXs, (2) contained a number of MIDI grooves and (3) crash cymbals placed on some drums.

Product Demo: Toontrack Claustrophobic EZX



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