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Another Issue with Melodyne's Buffers

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Since I am on a roll here...

Maybe you can investigate another issue with Melodyne.

Now that the ability to mute Melodyne has been remedied.

When you record a new take over Melodyne the new recorded take mutes the old Melodyne take and the overlapped area of the new take grays out the Melodyne take.

If you then delete the grayed out Melodyne take and add Melodyne to the new take clip,

When you open Melodyne and look at the new take the old deleted take is still left in the buffer also. They are superimposed over one another. 

You have to close Cakewalk and reopen the project for the old take to go away.

If that old take could be discarded from Melodyne’s buffers when it is deleted that would be great! 

I hope I explained this clear enough.

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