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The Annual "Show us Your Booty" from BF Thread!


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Anyone posts a picture of their full "moon"....I kill you!

So, now that the dust is settling...tell us about the wonderful goodies you bought,
and the duds also, should you be so inclined!

BBC Core...which I have been after since BBC Discover (don't let the size of Discover fool you...it's a lovely freebie!)
I honestly didn't think I'd ever be able to get it...and that's only thanx to the annual "Coffee Clatch"! 
Melodyne Editor also "appeared"...and Softube Amp Room!

So again, my deepest, and humblest, gratitude to you all
for making this old geezer's Black Friday a little brighter!!!


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3 minutes ago, Peter - IK Multimedia said:

Does finally getting my hands on an Xbox Series X that was supposed to be procured LAST November count?  Got one that I had promised the grandkids last Christmas too finally.

It counts...nobody said it had to be "Music Related"! LOL

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My BF Booty:

Positive Grid BIAS Studio Platinum Bundle

Wave Arts Convology XT Complete 

Flux Elixir Essential Plugin

Leapwing Audio Al Schmitt Signature Plugin

Overloud TH-U Premium 

Line 6 Helix Native

Clearmountain Phases

KIT BB N105 V2 (Blackbird Neve)

Tai Chi 

Everything I didn't own from UAD, minus a few amp sims.  

A couple Behringer UCA222 2x2  / UCA202  /LINE2USB 1/4" to USB In-line Interface/ UM2usb USB Audio Interfaces for $10 each.  

TC Electronic ClarityMST Meter

TC Electronic PolyTune Tuner

TC Studio Elite Collection

Komplete 12 Ultimate Collectors edition 

Everything I didn't own from LiquidSonics


And a stupid overpriced, yet on sale, "Petite Staub round oven" to gift to bosslady for Christmas.

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1 minute ago, e-cue said:

Everything I didn't own from UAD

That was a good time to get them. Good sale they had.

The only thing I really wanted from them was the Pete Thorn Suhr amp. And I started to get it at the sale price. But I siad I would wait and got the Komplete stuff instead.

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UAD 3+ pack = UAD AMS RMX 16 / UAD  Precision K stereo / Precision Limiter (since i missed the TC sale) / Harrison 32 C

Littel Labs Alignement tools (the most impacting of the above pruchases) 

Cubase 11 pro upgrade 

Bass on mind still lol 

Missed TC electronic sale :( how are we supposed to try and master a tool in 3 dayz , like brands think giving 72 hours means 72 of plugin testing ? problem being TC sale is yearly so it's not like let me test it and then 2 months later i can have it 

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I did about a B/B- job of buying only the things I'd planned on, with the theme of helping me learn, organize and/or be more efficient:

Atlas 2
Scaler 2

...without getting tempted by other shiny discounts -- except for upgrades to SynthMaster and LiquidMusic, which were on my list, but could have waited, and a nifty $7 accordian from Polkasounds (which is really nice, and incidentally includes a bonus deal if you're also on VI-Control, through tonight, I think).

But my real once-in-a-millennium Black Friday coup was being awake at 3am Thanksgiving morning to pick up the item displayed below:


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1 hour ago, Grem said:

EZX Midi pk - Modern Drummer

? I see nothing call Modern Drummer........


I did buy, NOT ON SALE, Legends of Rock, had some loyalty points so I dropped the "dime" so to speak.
Love the Black Beauty snare BTW, now my goto snare...

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Let me also say...this was the BUSIEST...and also the WORST
Black Friday that I can remember.  The Deals were "meh"...

Some late surprises...Like Slate Verbsuite Classics for $49...
But still, all in all, not great.  The Spitfire Sale was "meh"...
Same prices as their regular sales, except for "The Ton" which was also
"meh".  That Black Friday Bundle was kind of lame too.  $699.
Granted, there were some "overpriced" Libraries in there,
but even at $699 they were still overpriced.  And you had to spend
too much to get Apertur3...but hey...some most certainly will disagree!

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I was on a tight budget, so this Black Friday was more about self restraint for me. I bought: 

- 8Dio's Deep Cello and Viola

- Fluffy Audio's Trio Broz Viola

- Some Massive Synthwave Presets from ADSR mainly to get Baby Audio's Parallel Aggressor

- Toontrack's Big Rock ezX for my non-upgraded to SD3 SD2 

- Some Audiothing Library at Plugin Boutique to get a free plugin, I can't even recall which one at the moment! 

I'm contemplating upgrading my Embertone Walker 1955 Grand Piano from the lite version to the full version. If anyone has it and wants to give their thoughts Im all ears -- well metaphorically (literally eyes, but that doesn't sound as good). 



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You guys are pathetic!!  G.A.S prices being what they are. 😉


I have not spent one dime.




I'm still planning on updating my Cubase. Sale is good until Dec. 12th. Have not decided if I will stick with Artist or Upgrade to Pro plus get 12 for free.

I've also had Sample Logic Symphonic AI in my cart since Sunday. Just seen a post by Larry that they have extended the sale for 4 days.

I need to learn to use what I got better.

I also wish they would have more deals on hardware also!

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