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David Myers

Strange VSTi problem

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I'm on Windows 10 and having a strange problem with the OCK-VST3i Organic Calfskin Drum Kit from Bill Mead at organicdrumloops.com. It will not show up in the effects pane after scanning for plugins. I have used this drum kit in old projects of mine and when I load the old project it is still there and appears to work fine - even though I can not fine it anywhere in the plugin menu and if I want to use it in a new project it isn't showing up in the effects list.

I made a log of a new vst scan and I can find it's listing in the log with no errors. I've checked the registry and it's listed in the registry, but when I search my plugins it doesn't show up. The plugin works fine in Reaper and worked in older versions of Cakewalk. I'm pulling my hair out over this.

What would make a plugin not show up in the effects menu, even though it scanned fine and is listed in the registry?  I also checked to make it was not disabled or hidden in the plugin manager. I'm not sure which version of cakewalk broke this vsti sense I haven't tried to use in for a few months. Any ideas , anyone?

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The plug-in must be there because

  • it is listed in the scan log
  • it loads in old projects

The plug-in is not an effect so it will not be listed in plug-in effects list. It is a synth so should be listed in any of the "Sort by" plug-in layouts for synths.

If you are using a custom layout for synths, the plug-in may need to be added to the layout using the Plug-in Manager.


By default, CbB displays plug-ins using names manufacturers assign in the plug-in files. Sometimes this name is not what one expects.

There is an option to change the names displayed in plug-in layouts. This option is set using the VSTPlugInNameFormat in Preferences > File > Initialization File. This preference page is normally empty. To set the option to use the plug-in dll file name:

  • Enter VSTPluginNameFormat in the Option entry,
  • Enter 1 in the Value entry,
  • click the Set button,
  • restart CbB.
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