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Chris X

Broken CbB Install / Can't install / hangs.


I installed this a week ago, then uninstalled it to install Sonar X3 and Splat.

X3 and Splat are now installed, as is the Bandlab Assistant.

In Bandlab Assistant, it says there is an Update to the program.  However, CBB is not installed.   When I click, it looks like it is downloading ( 0/0 ), but hangs.

If I click the small dropdown and try to launch, it gives error "executable not found".  And I verify that where it thinks it is installed, there is no Cakewalk Core folder.

Uninstall BL Assistant, try again, same thing.

Installer seems to be broken, thinking its installed, maybe borked registry?  Don't know how to fix and the Assistant is the only way to download.. yet it is not letting me.  In fact none of the actions in the BL assistant dropdown seem to do anything.

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