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Copy/Pasting tracks

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I am new in this forum but I have been user of Cakewalk Application since 3.0.

First of all I want to give thank you for all you make possible to make this free.

I want to share with you an issue I have that is not being solved in Cakewalk by Bandlab, but this issue wasn't there when Cakewalk it was Sonar.

When I copy one track and I paste it I need to first click the track before doing that, if not it being pasted anywhere else. This step finally makes all the edition slower if you need to do additional clicks everytime you want to copy/paste something. This is happening even is the track where you want to paste it is highlighted as selected.

As this problem wasn't in Sonar I guess that is anything to be solved, and let me tell you that I have Cakewalk Bandlab installed in more thatn one computer and it happens in both of them.

Is anyone having the same issue?

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