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<Solved> SI - Instruments missing Sounds and presets

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Hi, everyone! Hope all is well!

My SI instruments are missing the sounds and Program Browser data. They are all like this: strings, bass and drums.

How do I get them back?

Here's what I've tried so far

  • Bandlab Assistant:

The Studio Instruments Suite check mark is greyed out and does not have an option to uninstall or reinstall or repair. I know the latter 2 have not been a part of CW, but just mentioning because I went to look for it. image.png.fb3fe61696be30536265694a1f37ac80.png

  • Apps and Features

I attempted to use Windows 10 Apps and Features to uninstall with the plan to go back to Bandlab Assistant to re-install.  However, I get the following when I try:


Thanks, in advance!


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BA keeps track of what it has installed using registry entries.

It is possible to force BA to reinstall by editing the registry but the Cakewalk Web Installer allows reinstall without messing with the registry.

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I don't mind messing w/the registry, I did not even think about that. BUT, I willl try the cakewalk web installer first, and hopefuly that will take care of it without too much issue. 


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