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Ben Chase

RESOLVED - Inserting EZBass Crashes Cakewalk

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Hey, Folks. Anyone else experiencing this? I'm on version 1.1.1 of EZBass, which opens just fine in Cubase and Studio One, but crashes every time I try to insert in in Cakewalk. Presently, I'm on 2021.09 Update 1 of Cakewalk, but have rolled back to 2021.06 and had the same experience. I've also tried using the Empty Project template, in case there was an issue with my custom template, but that didn't have any effect. It crashed then, too. I could try rolling back to an earlier version of EZBass, but would prefer not to, given the there's no issue with it in Cubase or Studio One. Any thoughts?

Edit: Never mind, a simple reboot resolved the issue.

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