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Feature req: Rename Clip to support multiple clips


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On 10/17/2021 at 12:49 AM, msmcleod said:

You can already do this:

1. Select all the clips you want to rename
2. Go to Clip Properties in the inspector, and rename it there

I regularly do this for all clips on a single track

@msmcleod Thanks, great tip! I have used that way a lot but totally forgot about it. It would be great if the bindable rename clip action would work on multiple clips in the same way.

As I say, "Always think about the keyboard". :) I always look for a way that requires less mouse clicking.

Example of how quick it could be:

  1. Lasso clips
  2. Hit your Rename shortcut (mine is SHIFT+ALT+R)
  3. Type your name and press enter

Done. :)

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