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20 hours ago, RBH said:

I never tried out the Ibanez guitar synth - Back in that day I had a Roland GK-2 mounted to a WestBury and run through a GM-70. I got some very useful work done on that rig. I gave it to my brother a few years back and somehow he lost track of the GM-70. Still has the West Bury with pick-up though. I do a lot of precision metal work - I bet I could make something similar to the Gittler.

I'm biased ....The Ibanez is and was so much more than just a Midi guitar  the neck and bridge system alone was a marvel / masterpiece .

Neck = Ebony finger board Graphite reinforced .Gittler style tuning from the bridge ....need I go on ?


I wish I could get some of the hardware Ibanez used ....I would slap that on some of my other guitars ...IMHO , Ibanez was way ahead of the loop .

I sold my Roland to get this thing ...lol Then I would go out and listen to John Abocrombie play his Ibanez ...he used to make fun of me  ...lol

As far as the Gittler goes I'm sure it costs a fortune in materials alone just to make one .....Titanium ?

Either way I scalloped one of my Fender Esquire maple necks back in the day ..a full  scallop like the guitar John McLaughlin, played back in the day 


I know I can dig that type of feel ....a big reason I gravitate towards my interest in The Gittler 

Say , if you build it , and if I ever come passing through your town I will check it out

nice talking w you ,


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