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Dave G

Cakewalk Sound Center: Pan + Volume right-click menus?


Cakewalk Sound Center's Pan + Volume knobs are clearly explained in the F1 online help, but not their right-click menus. I accidentally changed one of the values of these menus recently, and I'm confused and wondering if I messed something up.

The knobs' menus indicate their current level. But they also show a current MIDI Learn CC selection (see fig. A) or a short menu with no Learn (see fig. B). It appears the context of these menus changes when "Add MIDI Control" is selected. This applies to both knobs and they can be set independently.

I don't understand the right-click menus. Is there a default MIDI Control to set it to, or can it be anything I choose? I don't use MIDI Learn. Do I have to worry about these right-click menus, and will these "learned" controls affect playback? And for that matter, can someone explain "Set Min, Set Max, and Reverse"?

As stated, I've only recently discovered these menus. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.




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I have used MIDI Learn in different software for years. It varies from program to program.  The Sound Center's implementation looks pretty standard (sort of). 

Resetting the virtual knobs in Cakewalk's Sound Center depends on how you use the knobs (mouse only or MIDI CCs) and how you changed it (forgotten or reassigned to a different CC).

Mouse only usage: I was able to reset the knob position changed by the mouse by double clicking the knob. 

For MIDI assignment changes, one solution is to use MIDI Learn to assign the virtual knobs to CC 10 and CC 07, respectively. Another solution is to use Add MIDI Control and choose from the list of CCs.


If you don't want to use MIDI Learn or if you understand the basics already, no need to read the following.

As for using MIDI Learn, I often use it to assign knobs, sliders, or buttons (such as those found on keyboard and other controllers) to virtual knobs. sliders, or buttons in software synths and FX plug-ins.

Let's say a specific slider on a specific midi device is setup to send CC93 [CC = Continuous Controller, a type of midi data].  And let's say I want that slider to control cutoff frequency (just using that vas an example). Usually I just have to press MIDI Learn in the software and then move that slider.  In most software that have MIDI Learn these days, once I move the hardware slider, the virtual control will move and the plug-in will respond the way I set it up--in this case changing Cutoff Frequency.

But let's say I just want the external controller's range changed.  If there is a min and max setting, I can change the range.  So I c an make all the way down on the controller correspond with (for example) a value of 60% and all the way up correspond with 95%.

But let's say I want the range to be reversed--all the way down = 95% and all the way up = 60%.  If the program (or plug-in) has a reverse switch, I'd use that.

That's the basics of MIDI Learn, though depending on how you want to use it and depending on the specific implementation, there might be more possibilities.  For example, we can also use CC automation within a DAW or send CCs / control parameters from one program or plug-in to another.

UPDATE: Just tested MIDI Learn in Cakewalk's Sound Center on my PC. It shows up as a 32-bit application and uses the "Teleport" program to work with the 64-bit CbB.  You might have a different utility for this function.

Cakewalk's Sound Center "Add Control" can also be used to assign CCs to the plug-in's parameters, but instead of moving a knob, slider, button, etc., you choose from a list.  

Sound Center's "Remove Control," can be used to remove a CC assignment.  

Also, evidently we switch between ten sets of MIDI CC assignments (MIDI Configurations).

I am surprised this is not documented. Maybe someone knows where it is.  In the meantime, I hope the above helps.

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updated with some details after playing with the right-click / MIDI CC Context Menu

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Thank you for the response to this question.

I do wish that the bundled software and other functions in Cakewalk were more completely documented.

Just making sure those knobs would/wouldn't be useful one day.

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