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New Synth by Cherry Audio "Mercury 4" and Big Fish stuff

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This thing sounds really crisp and has a lot of presets and the price is not that bad, 40 bucks introductory price.

And no I don't work for them. 

If you are a collector of poly synth type pads this thing is really well done.


Modeled after the Roland Juno 4

I bought the synth anthology from UVI and it only has about 12 presets and did not come with the actual synth laid out like this.

I am impressed by this product...

...also check out this if you have not heard of it.

By Big Fish Audio 



Momentum is free (I am sure most of you already have this) if not then download it and then Big Fish Also gives a bunch of FREE Loops too.  


If you buy the free loops (they are free) with each loop pack you get a 15% off on any purchase promo code.

That is about 6 promo codes.

Their violin/fiddle pack is only 20 bucks on sale now and with the promo code it is 16 bucks

Get the Free Loops first before you get the violin so you get the promo codes. 

REALLY well played fiddle parts are nearly impossible to find on the internet.

And this pack comes with hundreds of melodic fiddle/violin parts in many keys and tempo and they can be modified in Momentum.


this is also a huge deal right now


and this is new too and on sale



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15 minutes ago, bdickens said:

Cherry Audio gots some good stuff!

Yes indeed and the prices are reasonable for their synths that can do a lot.

The presets are a good starting point.

The Mercury 4 is my first Cherry Audio synth purchase.

...other than the Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer which was/is "free"

The MG-1 is nice but the Mercury 4 is much more powerful.

The Mercury 4 has velocity sensitivity but I do not think the patches are linked to any dynamics so there is no change in the sounds no matter how hard you hit the keys.

But the velocity shows up in Cakewalk recordings. Not sure how to edit that so perhaps at lease subtle volume changes can be heard while playing the Mercury 4 patches. 

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13 hours ago, RexRed said:

The Mercury 4 is my first Cherry Audio synth purchase.

After the first one, it's a slippery slope... LOL!!!

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20 minutes ago, Alan Tubbs said:

Cherry audio does some good synth.

My Cherry favorites so far are Voltage Modular, Eight Voice, and MemoryMode. :)

I also have their ARP2600, but I also have the ARP2600 V3 from Arturia, and the Korg ARP Odyssey. I did have the TimewARP2600 from Way Out Ware, but it has been uninstalled. Was getting way too crowded with new ARP stuff to keep old, unsupported synths around. 🤣

Of the ARPs, I think I like the sound of the ARP Odyssey the best. It has that special something! But the Cherry and Arturia emulations are good too. I need to spend more time with them to declare a favorite 2600.

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Thanks for the insight on the Cherry Audio synths Abacab and Alan.

They are relatively inexpensive instruments and do come with a good selection of presets.

I do rely on the presets because I do not know some of the more advanced techniques yet. 

There are some good YouTube videos on these synths.


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