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I have some loops entitled X--Mix. Are theses cakewalk samples? Am I allowed to use one in a song?





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I found a "Licensing Agreement.txt" in "C:\Cakewalk Content\Audio Library\Loops\X-MiX"

Here is its contents


X-Mix Sample Licensing Agreement for "Studio Loops - Raw Hip Hop"
These sound effects and samples are licensed, not sold to you. X-Mix owns
and reserves any other rights not expressly granted to you.
All rights are granted to the registered purchaser (via Cakewalk)of this cd
and the sounds are not transferable. All lending, renting, trading or
reselling of these sounds is prohibited by law. The sounds can be used for
commercial or non commercial use and can be sonically manipulated. 
X-Mix does not grant the licensee the right to transfer this material to another
user or for another competitive product.
Please contact X-Mix with any questions regarding this licensing agreement.
Thank You and Enjoy
All Rights Reserved
X-Mix Records
3 Westech Dr.
Tel:  978-649-2525
Fax: 981-649-3131


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