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Gran Vista and Carbon Themes [Updated to CbB 2021.04 build 175]

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On 11/1/2019 at 8:39 AM, Canopus said:

Um, yeah, thanks, but if you read my previous post I was actually trying to remove any links or string references in this thread to that instrument, in order to verify whether the sudden increase of views has been caused by an attempt by some SEO service to increase the number of hits relating to that piano. Public forums are known to be used for manipulation of Google search results like that. The only two reasons I can think of that may have caused many thousands of views of this thread for the last week are either a bot, most likely SEO based, or some madman without a life, vigorously hammering the refresh button.

A few days ago I sent a PM to one of the BandLab support staff, asking if they could look up the referral or otherwise the source of these views from the server request logs. I haven’t yet received any reply, but hopefully they’re looking into it. It’s all there, so it shouldn’t be hard to do.

Sorry. I keep forgetting I’ve already read your post...

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