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Splitting a stereo track into two mono tracks

Splitting a stereo track into two mono tracks  

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  1. 1. Would you like an option to split a stereo track into separate right and left channel mono tracks?

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In the track menu there is an option to convert stereo into mono (or the other way around) but the result is only the mixdown of both channels. You can't choose which channel (right or left) you want to be the result mono track.

But how about adding an option to convert a stereo track into two mono tracks, separate for left and right channel?

I personally found myself in a situation where that would be a solution for a recording problem I had. I was only able to record stereo tracks combined of two different instruments on either channel. Now in order to split them I have to export the tracks into an external audio editor and then back to Cakewalk. Very long way to do a simple thing.

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