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How to use Addictive Drums 2 in Cakewalk by Bandlab

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I noticed in the YT comments someone mentioned using the master.ins as an alternative to a drum map.

This has always been an option but alternate note names had to be set every time the track was opened in the PRV.

With 2021.06 alternate note names in the PRV persist per-track making this an attractive option.

I created an AD2.ins from my master.ins it is available here


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Cool video, I've used Cakewalk and Addictive Drums 1 + 2  for years but actually learned something today. The method outlined around 13 mins will be really handy...I usually end up inserting 2 or 3 instances of AD2 for separating the kick & snare so this will be a time and CPU saver, and Scook already helped me out with the drum map so I'm all set now.


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