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Chernobyl Studios Cakewalk Mixing Tutorial Cancelled Due to Bugs

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11 hours ago, ChernobylStudios said:

I didn't get drunk, you moron. Care to misrepresent me again? Go on.

Wow! no sense of humor!

You said you were drinking beer while making the video and you could be seen drinking the beer while making your video. Your voice was slurred and your gait wandered, you looked drunk to me.  I didn't misrepresent you at all, you were drinking beer, you looked drunk and you were drunk.

That doesn't seem very professional to me. Why would any DAW maker want to be affiliated with someone who drinks alcohol and gets visibly drunk while making  training videos? and then attacks DAW users online with threats? What about kids who might be learning the DAW, that's a bad example to set, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Seems to me you need to make a choice if you want to be taken seriously as an online video trainer, leave the alcohol behind, it will only cause you trouble in your business as it is now. Alcohol and business don't mix.

Instead of insulting me, you should be paying me for giving you valuable professional business advice.




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Looking back over this thread, I still cannot see any evidence that duplicates this bug. There just isn't anyone giving a first hand current account that specifically relates to software VST effects losing their settings when Cakewalk is closed down/restarted. The only evidence is to the contrary, namely, that other users currently using the same plugins are not experiencing the issue. There are second and third hand account stories about this bug but no current complaints and attempts to duplicate have failed.

The issue being dealt with on another thread referred to here (TVR Productions), relates more to hardware VST patches not being saved, I am not sure this is the same thing.

The offer has been made for Chernobyl Studios to contact support regarding this and they have chosen not to do that, so I do not know what else can be done.

The wider issue of online video content producers being paid by DAW manufacturers is really between them and the DAW manufacturer. I've seen these arguments play out all over different DAW forums.

Generally though, DAW manufacturers don't do this. It is difficult for DAW manufacturers to establish relationships with third party on-line content providers in this way, because the video creator that might be operating around the other side of the world is then tied to the organization, any bad videos/mistakes they make or any bad on-line behavior they may engage in, can then come back to haunt the organization. There are also many of them, who do you choose? The others will be upset!

It is generally expected that third party on-line video content creators will tap into other markets such as UDEMY, Lynda.com, Groove videos etc and for them to establish their own video selling marketplace perhaps leveraging off Youtube.

One perspective from DAW manufacturers I have seen is that these on-line video creators are actually profiting from the DAW manufacturers work. By making videos of them and selling them.

I am not saying any of these observations apply between Chernobyl Studios and Bandlab, just that I have seen the same argument play out again and again in different settings.

I can certainly very much relate to those who pour their heart and soul into a project, create massive bodies of work, only to find there is no financial payoff for it. Maybe notoriety, recognition and respect by others but no money in the bank. This can very often be the agonizing pain before the transformation though.

What I have learned is to re-purpose the content and find different markets for it, adapt it to suit different markets.







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This topic is being locked. We are investigating the reported persistence issue and are obviously interested in fixing any known issues.  If anyone has a consistently reproducible recipe, please contact support directly at support@cakewalk.com.

As far as VST2 -> VST3 plug-in replacement goes, most plug-in vendors do not support persistence transfer, so the plug-in state will always be lost when replacing a VST2 with a VST3.

Thanks for any help in getting to the bottom of this issue!


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Guys, I just noticed the thread is being locked, but stepping in here to give my two cents and hopefully a final word on this thread.

Though in the history of the internet (or humanity!) there has never been a situation in which the words "Calm down" ever succeeded in calming things down 😂, I just want to make an honest plea that we try and keep the forum friendly, because it could overshadow the importance of why threads like this are posted in the first place.


The original comment from @Davydh was that this video was sad to see, and I 100% agree. Any time a user is disappointed by, or has experienced disappointment whilst using one of our products/platforms/services, no matter what the reason or cause, our fault or not - it's disappointing and I am personally sad to have been part of that in some way - even more so if we are personally responsible.

I'm happy for people to disagree with my opinion, but hopefully being someone who is directly affected by it means it has some weight - I think it's worth going on record to say my thoughts are that there wasn't any negative intent from Scott at @ChernobylStudios - his video was one of passion, frustration and disappointment, but that's very different to actively trying to disparage the company out of ill intent.

I want to go on record too to stress that in all the communication I have seen from Scott with us (as BandLab), he has consistently been passionate, respectful, detailed and always wanting to make things better with suggestions that would benefit all users, not just himself.

Since our relaunch, as he correctly pointed out, we have not had yet a policy in which we could compensate creators like himself - he spoke in his livestream of truly loving Cakewalk, caring about it and wanting it to succeed, and I think the proof is in the pudding in the videos he had personally spent the time creating (uncompensated) over the last 12 months since we took over. I sincerely doubt he would actively spend hours of his own personal time creating content that helps people all around the world with a sinister motive down the road.

For what he has contributed positively to the CbB community around the world, I don't think it is controversial at all to say that I am grateful and appreciative.

Do I wish the cancellation video & subsequent livestream wasn't public? Of course! As someone within the company, the only thing I'd love to see out there is flowers and rainbows (and I am thankful for all of you who have been part of this, spreading the word positively across the internet), but I'm equally a firm believer that every user should be entitled to voice his/her opinion and thoughts in the same way we can do anywhere else on the internet - praise always makes one happier, but criticism is more often than not what makes us better.


To be clear, the facts of the matter are that he seems to have had a serious issue with VST settings not saving and resetting whilst using CbB and this is a real dealbreaker for us.

This is incredibly concerning, and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at your glass) we, and our extended testing team, have not been able to reproduce this on any of our devices/tests/attempts to do so. From what he described in his video, it sounds like it is not to do with VST2->VST3 persistence,  so if it is really the case that something within our code is causing VST settings not to save, this is a big deal and I want to stress to everyone here that this isn't something we take lightly. We are doing everything we can to figure this out and address it as we do with every serious bug report.

As per @Morten Saether's post above, this post is also an active call for anyone who has experienced this before and can replicate it to get in touch so that we can try and figure out what is causing it and ensure it doesn't happen again to any other user.


Finally, it's also important for me to emphasise that just because CbB is free does not mean we take things less seriously or that you should expect any less from us. The way the team lives, breathes and is set up is as if it were a $1000 product that people paid for. My point of view is that anybody who uses a professional product is investing their own personal time, and frankly for a product like a DAW, the time they spend on it is ultimately worth far more than how would have paid for it outright if it was a $400 boxed product - this is a responsibility we take seriously and we are always trying to figure out ways we can support the CbB users better now it has grown so much larger than it was before.

Thank you again to everybody for your support and for caring enough about CbB to speak up and to continue to be part of this community. We continue to do everything we can to make the product better - feedback from you guys is why this forum (and CbB itself) exists in the first place. How I wish we could get things done faster.

If only there were more than 24 hours in the day!



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