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What are 'snaps'?


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53 minutes ago, RBH said:

I thought this going towards a Ginger or Maryann  kind of thing. But - really it's all about Betty or Wilma. Or was it Thelma Lou or Juanita?

We took the "Island" path in another thread RBH but, if you're into cave dwellers, who am I to make fun of bizarre fetishes? 😀

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42 minutes ago, craigb said:

Very cool song and an improv player's nightmare! 

I read an article years ago about John Coltrane, playing with Thelonious Monk for six months at the 5 Spot in NYC, I believe in 1957. He said sometimes playing with Monk made him feel like he was falling down an elevator shaft. Playing with Monk for all that time shaped his musical thinking going forward.  I saw a documentary about Monk, and I believe the bass player asked him what key the song was in, and he responded, "Play it in the key of T for all I care."  (I think he said "T," it may have been another non-musical letter.)

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