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How To Create A New Step Sequencer Pattern On Same Track?

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If you want a SS clip that overlaps the first one do the following.

1.Open up the Take Lanes on the track.

2. Create a new lane.

3. Unselect All (Cntrl+Shift+A) and right click in the new lane- View- Step Sequencer.


After creating the new Step Sequencer clip it will be on top of the previous lane (BUG?) so you will likely want to Shift-Drag it back to the lane that it belongs on.


If you just want a new SS clip later on the same lane, just Unselect All before right clicking the lane.



Forget all of that. I've been experimenting. 

Set the Now time where you want the new SS clip to start. Unselect All then right click in the Track anywhere after the existing clips (Right clicking a clip always selects it) - View-Step Sequencer. 

This will create a new lane with the new clip in the lane it belongs in.

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that seems intuitive to me: place start on timeline, ensure no other/existing tracks selected, and insert/view step sequencer. i'd suspect most midi generators would behave in a similar fashion - caveat - i don't generally use the step sequencer but now that i'm reminded of its existence i'm planning on using it.

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