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That's right and AFAIK Softube have no plans to fix it.

Softube broke all of their PC modules with v2.4.96 in April 2020.

Any release prior to v2.4.96 should work OK.

If you get an old installer, copy the VST dll into the PC module folder "shared utilities\internal" and future updates by Softube will not affect the PC module.

Of course, this means relying on abandonware. not a great solution.

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@rescareguy Softube allows for downloading legacy versions of their plug ins but it can only be obtained by downloading a package of their entire inventory of plugins which comes to around 1.5GB.   The pkg is their older method of installing and validating plugins.  

The versions of the plugins I needed come to v. 2.3.76 (2016), such as the TSAR-1R.  

Placing the .dll into the PC module folder does fix the issue but their is a quirk with using presets in the Inspector pane where each time you select a preset, it turns the module off.  

I suggest you do not replace the Saturation Knob included with Cakewalk, even though it is version 2.2.84, you will cause the plug in to not respond to settings or retain your settings in memory.  

VST3 inserts however are fine and can be up to date.   


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