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Magix soundpools 30% off

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This time the discount is just 30% off but it covers pretty much every Magix-labeled soundpool and soundpool bundle (not collections).

If you are interested in recently released soundpools (Blues Rock, Homecoming, Nostalgia Drive, etc) this may be a good time to get them, as the sales that have larger discounts may not include them

This sale ends on Sunday, June 6th (they typically end at some time in the afternoon/early evening in the US, I'd guess they are designed to end at midnight or early a.m. in Germany)


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@Reid Rosefelt I don't know, it's not an area I purchase from and I haven't been tracking it. Thinking about Magix and how sales rotate every week or two I'd be surprised if they don't go on sale sooner or later

There are some fx currently on sale but they're either expensive (large) or very specific (small and possibly not what you're interested in)




https://www.producerplanet.com/us/search/?salesOnly=true&area=audio&query=Box II&category=250

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Thanks for all of this, Eusebio.  I really appreciate you taking the time.  These are either too cheap (and a waste of a coupon) or $70, which would be okay if you could use more than one voucher at a time, but no thanks. 

I'm going to keep waiting for the regular ones to go on sale.  I know that they at least were under $25 at one point, so at least I will wait for that to pick up one or two, and then see what happens.   If you happen to notice a sound fx sale, please post it here.



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