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Delete a Track (Ctrl+Delete)

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Hi and Hello,

deleting a track in track pane ("Intrument Track" mode) just happens as it wouldn't be something important in your project.

The track (inclouding the associated softsynth) disappaers in a second without any warning or "do you really want to... -question"

In "Instrument Track" mode this has some very unpleasant consequences...

To reopen the redone softsynth will not work until you split the track into both parts (lanes) otherwise no chance to have access to the softsynth...


Then Cakewalk will open another softsynth. I guess the one above or beyond...


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@Astraios - thanks for the report.

It looks like this only happens when drum maps are in play - we'll look into it.

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@Astraios @msmcleod I tried duplicating this issue, here's what I found:

-with no drum map everything worked as I expected; Deleting a track, then Undeleting returned the synth track properly, all settings back , etc.

-when I added a MIDI track and drum map (Steven Slate Drums), deleted a synth track and Undeleted it, the track returned but the same instrument as the track immediately after it (Piano 1 in this case). 

-If I right click --> Replace synth and select the original synth (Saxophia), now the track has Steven Slate as the instrument even though is still is labelled as the original instrument

-right click again, select Replace synth again...this time it actually replaces the synth with Saxophia, but it also replaces Steven Slate with Saxophia. Both tracks seem linked together now.

synth issue 1.jpg

synth issue 2.jpg

synth issue 3.jpg

synth issue 4.jpg

synth issue 5.jpg

synth issue 6.jpg

synth issue 7.jpg

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