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  1. CbBL could be the king of DAW - but...
  2. Why don't they offer the opportunity to disable docking, especially for users acting floating windows
  3. Hi and Hello, ... this is not what you ment, didn't you? ... and this is how I do it sometimes... it's a bit complicated, anyway. The second envelope was transformed into MIDI-events. So now, the envelope and the MIDI events are syncronized.
  4. maybe this clarifies my concern
  5. Hi and Hello, deleting a track in track pane ("Intrument Track" mode) just happens as it wouldn't be something important in your project. The track (inclouding the associated softsynth) disappaers in a second without any warning or "do you really want to... -question" In "Instrument Track" mode this has some very unpleasant consequences... To reopen the redone softsynth will not work until you split the track into both parts (lanes) otherwise no chance to have access to the softsynth... Then Cakewalk will open another softsynth. I guess the one above or beyond...
  6. ...but what if you accidentally delete (Ctrl+Delete) a track in "Instrument Track" mode and redo? - just try... 🙄 Hm, I've always (the last 10 years) wonder Cakewalk doesn't respond to issues like that...
  7. Once again... 1) highlight an intrument track in track pane, which is routed to your MIDI-controller keyboard and a softsynth 2) use shortcut "Alt+R" to make the highlighted track ready for record 3) start record and play some notes on your keyboard 4) stop recording now Cakewalk did record two things together A) your MIDI notes B) a direkt audio record of of that stuff you played on your softsynth !! which will not be shown as existing !! unless you split the instrument track into two lanes --> MIDI/Audio then you will find a hidden audioclip in the audiolane Hm, I haven't found any warning about this issue in the manual....
  8. I have located the cause of this problem... It occurs, while using the shortcut for --> "Arm Tracks" 1) Recorded in Instrument Track (doesn't show the recorded audio in behind) + 2) Same situation with split Intrument Track (now the recorded audio clip is available)
  9. Thx anyway, for concern my question. However, it scares me a bit, knowing there might be audio takings beyond my visual control in behind... (depending on a 1 millimeter symbol)
  10. Okay, but it wasn't my intension to record audio directly and I don't understand why it happened anyway. I recorded with my MIDI-Ctrl keyboard, like I did this for thre last 20 years..? (I'm getting old, he?) or has it something to do with Nexus 3?
  11. Thank you for your answer. So what I did is: I split the instrument track into MIDI and Track-Synth folder and this is what happend: which is the solution of my question... but how can this be? The Audio content wasn't shown in the Instrument track.
  12. Hi and Hello Mr. Cakewalk ☮️ Hmm, something strange occurs here on my system... There is no MIDI note in the track/clip, but Cakewalk generates a sound from a softsynth, but doesn't affect it. There is also no Audio to find containing this sound. I've recorded this melodie with my live-keyboard and then deleted the MIDI notes. Any idea? Here you can see what I mean: no MIDI notes in the second track (only one lane), no Audioclip. Nexus 2 synth is set to solo and it doesn't respond to the played sound as you can see in Multidock window. CbBL What the hack x.mp4 I found this in the forum:
  13. I use software like "Key Remapper" or "Touch Portal" routing (complicate) shortcut-sequences to a single key action - so for me it is not quicker but the same speed...
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