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Splitting Clips whilst using Clip Automation Mode/View

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My PT owning friend is thinking of coming back to Cake.  He originally used Sonar but went to the Darkside during his music degree years as it was used at his Uni

Now he's thinking of coming back because gigs dried up and PT is just another subscription he doesn't really need if he can get his head back into CBB....and free is a real incentive.

We had a chat because in PT he said clip gain editing is real easy you don't have change the track edit "mode " ..you can just do it right on the clip if I understand him correctly whereas we have to do the below and then swap back again. 


He says this is a massive pain/workflow killer when you are used to PT.  I told him you can use the shortcut of shift with  +=   to toggle modes much more quickly and he said this is a big help but his other bugbear was that whilst in clip automation the usual " s " to split a clip doesn't work !

I tried it and he's correct. You have to Right Ciick and choose Split from the menu


Again he finds this a massive pain coming from a PT background and I can't seem to find any way around this one. I tried assigning it in the key bindings but it doesn't work.

it doesn't really make sense to me why you should lose the " split " shortcut command when in Clip Automation mode when a similar function albeit more detailed version  is there on a right click menu.

So can we keep the quick shortcut of "S" to split clips regardless of the mode we set the Edit Filter to ? 




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The "s" shortcut relies on a selection (because it can work over several tracks), so it will still work, as long as the clip is selected.

There's two ways to do this:

1. If you've got show clip headers enabled, you can click on the clip header to select it and remain in clip automation mode.
2. Clicking the track number will select all of the clips, again remaining in clip automation mode.

e.g... (all I'm doing here is using the left mouse button & pressing "s" to split) :


There does seem to be a small bug where the edit filter reverts back to clips on splitting the right most clip,  but apart from that it seems to be working. 

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Thanks for the explanation, I still don't seem to have it working 100%.

When the Clip Gain filter is active it seems that clicking the Clip Header ( as per your method 1 ) doesn't select the clip if there is a lot of clip gain nodes - it selects the gain nodes below where you clicked. I am talking about a clip with freehand drawn nodes so they are quite dense . Not sure whether this is expected behavior or a bug but it makes it difficult select an individual clip.  

I can work around the issue by using Method 2 and selecting all the clips in the track but it's not as intuitive as Method 1 and I think any way of reducing extra steps is beneficial to the workflow . 

I also notice the Split Tool doesn't seem to function either whilst the edit filter is active ? Is this a deliberate design choice as it would be another way of splitting the clips if it was enabled.

Personally I find the Smart Tool modifier key pretty handy but it swaps the Split command of Clips Mode  for the Draw Tool when using an Edit Filter which is understandable.  Going slightly OT maybe there should be a way of having "fixed" Smart Tool Modifiers so they remain constant throughout the UI ?

i.e. Alt = remains Context Sensitive  as current

Press & Hold " s"  = Split Tool regardless of Edit Filter

 Press & Hold "e"  = Erase Tool regardless of Edit Filter 

I understand D for Draw & M for Move are taken but maybe other options  

PS - I can confirm the bug about it reverting back to clips mode I think was part of the issue as I only had one clip in my test track. Hopefully you can put that on the bug fix list.



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The inability to select is just down to zoom level. You can always just use the track select to select everything.

The split tool isn't available when the edit filter is set to envelopes, as you can't split envelopes - which is what you're editing.

The reverting back to clips mode bug is a tricky one.  It's reverting back way after the operation has finished.... we're still looking into it.

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