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Jon White

EQ on AUX send …

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I commonly utilize a verb bus on songs, adding similar ambience to all the instruments at varied intensities.

This week I analyzed my verb output spectrum and saw mud and junk I hadn’t considered prior with some ensembles.

I thought to remove it by EQ on the bus input signals versus EQ on the reverb as a whole, thinking “why even feed the verb unwanted frequencies in the first place?”

So I duplicated certain instrument tracks and EQ’d the clones to tailor the send frequency ranges. I then sent these signals, pre-fader, to the verb bus, and set the track output assignment to none. 

It worked fine (until I restarted the project, but wait for this).

1) Is this the only way to pull this off?

2) When I reloaded the project, it froze on a message that I had an audio track with no output assigned. I have to kill the Cakwalk app in Task Manager to get past the lockup.  Is this a bug or system malfunction?


Thank you to any and all responding neighbors!



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